It is common knowledge that given a choice one would like to look for the most economical option when looking for a web hosting service.

This is especially true in the case of someone who has just started out or does not have too much cash to spare. Due to the increase in competition there are various service providers who offer good service at competitive prices.

As a guide for newbies, we are going to discuss some things you don’t know about cheap web hosting in this article.

1. Beware of the word Free and Unlimited. This usually a farce to entice gullible website owners to take on a service and in a lot of cases you will end up with your fingers burnt.

This might seem like a cheap option overall but remember that nothing is free and you will almost always end by paying for unlimited usage in the form of bills or suspended website.

2. What a lot of people don’t know about cheap web hosting is the fact that the customer support system is not very strong. While it is true that you pay less for hosting the website, the fact that the technical staff is limited and may even be under qualified is something that can be an issue.

You might not be able to access support at a crucial time or end up with someone who is unable to answer your questions.

3. It is no point going for a cheap web host if they do not guarantee you good uptime. Uptime is the amount of time that the server is actual functional and this really is crucial. A server that is down often will mean that your website will not work and you will lose visitors.

You while you may be paying less, there is no reliability and there are issues with speed of access.

4. One of the things that one does not know about cheap web hosting is that there are limitations of bandwidth and resources supplied.
A large number of clients may be feeding off the
limited resources of a cheap host and this will mean problems of distribution. This in turn will affect the overall performance of the website.

5. Another problem that one might face with cheap web hosts is the fact that they will put up too many advertisements on your site. They usually use ads to cover up revenue and this will mean annoying banners and pop-ups that spring up unexpectedly on your web page.

These ads not only take up space that could have otherwise been gainfully utilized but can also irritate visitors to your site.

Cheap web hosting may be an option for someone who has just started out or someone who is using a website for fun. It is still a good idea however to go through the list of things you don’t know about cheap web hosting before a final decision has been reached. This will mean that you have taken an informed decision after full consideration and lead to maximum satisfaction.

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  1. It is important to note that all hosting services have resource limits. How they deal with those limits have major impact on how well their servers perform. Companies which offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth often compensate by restricting how many connections each site may have at any given time, or how much CPU usage is allowed per site.

    Once these limits are reached, your visitors either can not use your site at all, or begin to experience errors. Make sure your host is upfront with the limits they apply!

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