Before we delve into the advantages of using Linux web hosting let us first understand what it means. Simply defined Linux web hosting is a system wherein a company can build it’s website using the Linux Operating System. In this case the companies have the advantage of using some open source technologies like PHP MySQL, Python and XML for their web development process. One of the main factors that determines what sort of web hosting you are going to use for your website is the scripting language that is being used in it. The factors that go in favor of the use of Linux Web hosting are as follows.

Linux web hosting is affordable and budget-friendly and this fact itself makes it a preferable option especially with small and new businesses. It is what we call an open source software product and hence is devoid of the huge licensing fee that is required by other software. It can be downloaded for free and used at no cost at all. It is usually only the cost of distribution that is borne by the owner.

A website that is making the use of Linux web hosting can easily be converted into a Windows platform if one wishes to do so. This is a lot harder to do in the reverse case. In addition to that it is easier to make changes on a website running on the Linux platform when the website grows.

Another advantage that the Linux operating system has is the fact that is supports a large number of languages that are used when a website is scripted. These languages include PHP, MySQL or Perl. The only language that it does not support is

The use of Linux web hosting is also beneficial because it ends up supporting a wide variety of databases that are usually used by web providers. These include mSQL, MySQL AND PostgreSQL. These databases allow communication that is highly optimized due to the fact that they are relational by nature and this leads to quicker reclamation of data.

Another factor that goes in favor of Linux web hosting is the fact that it provides a lot more security. Due to limited use, it diminishes the chances of users adding spyware and viruses to your website. For this reason you can actually get away with the option of not using graded virus protection for your website.

Linux web hosting servers are considered to be quite reliable and they do have a good history to having very little downtime. Also, in a case where one is encountering problems they have a very good support system with staff who are technically sound to handle problems effectively. They are also more stable as compared to other web hosting systems.

Based on the aforementioned factors one can safely say that the use of Linux web hosting can turn out to a beneficial exercise for website owners. Hassle free running and less time spent on maintenance of the site means you can devote your efforts towards the actual development and growth of your site and business which is going to a profitable proposition for you.

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