Blogs or weblogs have become very popular in recent times. These have gain popularity as they are better than static websites which do not update their information regularly. With a blog you can constantly update your information and can also generate income by hosting ads on your blogs. There are many weblog hosting services available and one should select a web host after clearly going through their terms and conditions and services they are offering.

For beginners, one should use the services of a web host rather than hosting it in your own server as it is much easier and quicker to use. They provide you with software which you have to install and after installation you can start working on your blog by adding content. Using a web host is an easier way to get your blog online. You can choose to have a single or multiple blogs depending upon your capabilities. You can also customize your blog by using different features like themes, skins, plug – ins or widgets. It depends upon your creativity and taste.

There are lots of options available for hosting your blog. You can either use a free service or a paid service. If you are creating a blog to be in touch with your family or friends then there is no need for a paid service as the services provided by the free web host is sufficient as per your needs. However you will not be able to remove ads or put your ads in it as this is the primary source of income for the free web blog hosting companies. However they do provide you with templates and you can design your blog as per your choice. Free web hosting for blogs is recommended for beginners and people with limited technical skills which are required for blogging.

All free blog hosting have some restrictions on the content that is being published. You cannot publish any pornographic content, hate speeches or content hurting the sentiment of a particular community. There are strict rules for violating copyright laws.

In paid web blog hosting there are lots of features available. You can also use your blog to generate income for yourself. You can have your own domain name and email services and you can also create as many custom email ids’ you wish too.

You can run ads on your blog and the web hosting company will not charge anything for running ads. They also provide you with a domain name and email, chatting video uploads and various other tools to generate online traffic necessary to generate ad revenue. Paid web hosting companies also provide you e-commerce and other payment processing facilities as a tool to multiply your earnings.

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